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“Since I was drawing well before I started school, I always considered art to have seniority over the likes of long division and medieval history. This attitude got me into difficulties more than once. My favorite subjects were horses, cartoons, wildlife, and contraptions that rolled, floated, tooted, or flew. My heroes of the day were illustrators like Bill Peet, Robert Lawson, and Kurt Weiss. They provided me with a screen full of imagery that I'll never forget.

Winter in kindergarten found us all painting Santas at our tables. Mine came out so good that I was asked to do it over again on a huge piece of brown paper that covered the chalkboard. Santa would be bigger than me.  I was excused from the regular stuff, given larger brushes, more paint  -- and sure enough, here came Santa.

Other teachers, seeing the mural-sized figure, borrowed me to do the same for first and second-grade classrooms. Flattered  but somewhat embarrassed, I took  heart, since these gigs were getting me out of a lot of tedious activities like nap time, scissors, yarn, and flash cards.   ‘All I ever needed to know, I learned in kindergarten' may be true. Twenty years later I found myself on Madison Avenue at Norcross Greeting Cards – yes – drawing Santa Claus.”

draw_froggy.pdf “I was the kind of kid who was always writing or drawing”